Urge your government to REJECT requests for the National Association of Broadcasters to bail out broadcast television stations.

Congress and the FCC are continually relaxing ownership rules for television groups that allow them to get bigger.  A wave of consolidation has allowed a handful of corporations to own hundreds of television stations.  These broadcast conglomerates use their scale to demand more and more money for the “free” over-the-air television included in your cable package.  This "free" local TV now costs some cable subscribers as much as $20 per month on their cable bill. 

Instead of spending money on mergers and acquisitions to increase their negotiating leverage and raise your cable bills, broadcasters should have been saving for a rainy day. Now, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, these same massive conglomerates are asking for Congress to view them as independent or individual stations, so that they will be deemed eligible for small business loans - loans that could be used for ACTUAL small businesses in need. 

Congress MUST reject these requests.  Taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to bailout broadcasters.  Tell Congress that if broadcasters want to be considered a small business, they should have to act like a small business and negotiate their contracts as individual stations. Otherwise, taxpayers are just getting bilked out of our money twice.  



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